Mike E Reid


Michael E. Reid, more commonly known as “Just Mike” or “Just Mike the Poet” is a Poet, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Play Write, and Philanthropist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

As an author, Michael E. Reid has self-published 2 poetry books entitled “Just Words” and “Just Words 2” which have sold more than 15,000 copies worldwide.

 As a performing poet, Michael has begun his “Just Words Poetry Tour” this summer and has made appearances in his hometown of Philadelphia, and traveled to Atlanta, Baltimore, Miami, Washington D.C., Hyattsville M.D. and Columbus, Ohio to date.  Michael will continue his tour this fall and winter with appearances in Toronto, Virginia, Tallahassee, Houston, Miami, Boston, Los Angeles, and London before years end.

Michael’s mantra of “Inspiring Individuals One Word at a Time” has allowed him to use his popularity in social media as a platform to uplift, encourage, and inspire everyone he reaches. 

Michael’s Inspirational Speaking and Life Coaching skills became impactful with the Launch of the “Dear Mike” section of his website. “Dear Mike” is a platform where he gives his followers an opportunity to open up and share their struggles with him in an effort to become inspired. In his 2months offering this outlet, Michael has reached over 500 individuals positively through his words. Situations that Michael has assisted with have ranged from, personal development encouragement, relationship guidance, family problems, to suicidal thoughts, rape, and domestic abuse. 

Michael is always looking for new ways to use the power of words to inspire individuals.  Upcoming projects include his first poetry infused staged play, a poetry disc, to name a few. 

Michael has achieved all of these accomplishments while being just 16 months removed from writing his first poem, and with no help from a management team or publishing company.  It’s really “Just Mike”.

If one line, from one poem, will make you change one thing about your life in any way, then my mission is accomplished. Remember, they’re only “Just Words” if that’s all you allow them to be.

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