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Michael E. Reid is a Poet, Author, Speaker, and Publisher from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Michael’s story started after a failed relationship and unsuccessful suicide attempt, he found himself in a hospital bed with a heavy heart and blank composition book. What started out as writing therapy for a man, who lost his way, exploded into one of the largest contemporary poetry inspired movements of our time.

Mike used his new-found talent as a writer to establish a social media platform dedicated to the inspiration, enlightenment, and encouragement of women. Five years removed from his first poem, Mike has penned four books, Just Words, Just Words 2, Dear Woman, and The Boyfriend Book respectively. As of Summer, 2017, Michael’s digital and print sales have ballooned to 250,000 copies sold. To date Mike has reached over 200,000 women across three social platforms “Just Mike the Poet”.

Mike is always dedicated to giving his supporters what they wanted. He began doing one-off poetry performances in and around his hometown. Small spoken word cafes and restaurants would be jammed packed without proper event planning and marketing.

Mike along with the help of “Vision” (Perry Divirgilio) and Jamarr Hall set out to create their own poetry showcase. Resulting in three tours consisting of over twenty cities in three years — stretching from San Francisco to South Beach Miami. For three tours over 50,000 people attended. In total, Mike has had over 160 independently organized events in thirty-three cities and five countries around the world. He also has spoken and performed at over 20 colleges and universities. Mike has sat on dozens of panels, facilitated workshops , delivered tear-jerking keynote speeches, and volunteered at a local female juvenile treatment facility.

Mike’s publishing company, DOPE Publishing, specializes in teaching rather than taking from his clients. Since its inception in 2014, Mike has assisted in the publishing of 44 books for other people. Combined, his authors have sold an additional 100,000 books in their own right. It is apparent that Mike has dedicated the life he almost lost to other people.



Services Provided by Just Mike


HOSTING: Book Just Mike as the host of your next event. His way with words, mixture of humor, inspiration, and natural public speaking abilities are unmatched. Everyone knows that the host is probably the most visible, vital, and viable fixture in any live poetry event. Don’t take any chances when the best is just a phone call away.

FEATURE PERFORMANCES: The art of spoken word is one anybody with a message and enough courage to share, offers a safe place for finger snapping and clapping. But even your most talent rich open mic poetry jams needs a feature artist. Who better than a poet you know can fill the seats, leave crowd in awe, and inspired? Feature Performances include a 4 pack of poems, designed to anchor any spoken word or poetry slam event.

JUDGING: Slam poetry has been around since 1984. It would be a mistake to have just anybody critique such a deep expression of art. Booking Mike as a judge for your next poetry slam, He will assist in training other judges before the show if need be, provide feedback to poets after each performance, and this will also include the all-important Sacrificial Poem at the beginning of the event. A great way to get Mike on stage, and in the crowd.

JUST MIKE & FRIENDS: With 5 years of experience as a touring poet, Mike has successfully curated over 75 independent poetry shows. Complete with hosts, opening acts, and his feature performance. Let Mike help you take the hassle out of trying to put on a successfully show, and allow him and his friends to show you how to leave people more than satisfied, no matter what city you are in. Package includes a 2-hour poetry show complete with all talent. Package does not include technical requirements or support personnel.


PARTNERSHIPS: Allow Mike to assist you behind the scenes to bring your own movement to life. Whether you are a poet trying to make your mark on the world, an educator trying to bring some life to an afterschool program or community, or you are a speaker, trying to find creative ways to navigate the industry both as an artist and entrepreneur. Partner with Mike and let him use his experience and education to help you bring your vision to life. You will receive a consultation with topics that can range from social media guidance, writing feedback, project and event help, mentorship, ecommerce and data gathering solutions, grants and proposal help, and referrals and references. Consultations are structured on an hourly billing system basis.


PUBLISHING: In 2014 Mike Dreams on Paper Entertainment (D.O.P.E) which has successfully created over 40 self published authors, who have combined to sell over 100,000 books. Allow mike and his team to assist you too. This product is also available as a live writing workshop, and publishing session, which prove to be a great event to plan. For more information please visit www.dopepublishing.com


PRESS/MEDIA: Just Mike the Poet has a network of over 250,000 people on and off social media. His reach goes as far as 5 continents and 36 countries. He has surely captivated the hearts of women, and has the pulse of the culture. Allow Mike to extend that reach to you. Whether you are a blogger who wants Mike to contribute an article on your website, a first- time podcaster seeking a great first interview, or you need a promotional package that includes, tweets, email blasts, and more. Other services covered under the press and media tab, are speech writing, drafting press releases, writing contributions, and interviews. This is your one stop shop for everything Media.


PUBLIC SPEAKING: One Mic: There are times when people want poetry, and there times when people want help. Allow Mike, with his wisdom and passion to work for you as both the oracle and orator. This package is perfect for your next women’s empowerment, marketing, branding, love and relationship, or youth outreach event. Mike is standing by to help you build a successful, thought provoking event. All of which include approximately 1.5 hours of “stage” time.
• Workshops:
interactive lesson plan specifically for you and your event. Works well in classroom and theatre style settings.
• Q&A Overload. Imagine a press conference of hope, education, and enlightenment. We are going to bypass all the structure and pack people in a room and give them the answers to the questions they want. For example: “How social media made me a Millionaire (Great for Networking Events and Entrepreneurs summits)” “When to Go, when to Grow (Love and Relationships)” and “Raising Queens (Great for Mother Daughter or Youth Building Events).”
• The Keynote: Let Mike deliver a powerful keynote speech for your next event. When you trust Mike to deliver the keynote address, he will personally work with you to draft a one of one speech designed to meet all the concepts and feelings you want discussed. Mike can also write your vision out for you.
*Other Public Speaking options include, Event Hosting, Panel discussion member or facilitator, High School classroom appearances, school assemblies, and commencement speeches.*


Thank you so much for taking an interest in me and my work.
I look forward to speaking to you.